About Us

Kenyans in Australia represents the interests of all Kenyans in New South Wales.

Chama hiki ni cha wakenya waustralia wote wa eneo mpya la Wales ya Kusini.

Mission Statement

The association serves as a focal point that represents the interests and social needs of Kenyan-Australians residing in New South Wales and engages other stakeholders to further the welfare of its members.

Chama hiki kilibuniwa kwa manufaa ya wakenya-waustralia wote wanaoishi kwenye eneo la Wales mpya ya Kusini kwa manufaa ya wanachama ili kujali masilahi yao ya kijumuia.


We embrace multiculturalism and the richness of diversity it brings to society. We promote the welfare of Australians of Kenyan origin and their friends living in NSW, Australia.

  • Community engagement 100%
  • Networking opportunities 90%
  • Entertainment 85%
  • Education and cultural Awareness 80%

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